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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, August 30, 1923

United States Bureau conducts annual tournament in Salt Lake City

By Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY, Thursday, Aug. 30. — Announcement of awards in the contests of more than five hundred miners for honors in the work of rescue and first aid treatment of fellow workers under conditions approximating those of a mine disaster last night brought to a close the seventh annual international first aid and mine rescue meet, conducted here under the auspices of the United States Bureau of Mines.

First honors in the meet were captured by an Illinois team representing the United Mine Workers of America from Benton, Ill. This aggregation won the international mine rescue championship, the international combination first aid and mine rescue contest, and the state championship of Illinois in mine rescue work.

Highest award in the international first aid contest was made to the Anaconda Copper Company team from Great Falls, Mont.

Third award in the international first aid and mine rescue contest was won by the team representing the Pacific Coast Coal Company of Black Diamond, Wash. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, August 30, 1923

When Dr. Edward T. Devine, member of the United States Coal Commission, visited the coal mining districts of the West last week, he spent one day on a tour of the mines in King and Pierce counties.

In the group above he is shown at Burnett with a number of Pacific Coast Coal Company employees, who, with Vice President N.D. Moore and Manager of Mines D.C. Botting, accompanied him on his visit to Newcastle, Black Diamond, and Burnett, as well as to Carbonado and Wilkeson. (more…)

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