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Originally published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 17, 1895

Flames and smoke: The miners make a mad rush for safety

The fire broke out shortly after dinner—whole town is wild with excitement and every man is endeavoring to put out the fire by shoveling dirt into the mouth of the burning slope

Dirty job: Franklin miners, ca. 1915.

Dirty job: Franklin miners, ca. 1915.

News reached the city about 1:30 o’clock this afternoon from Franklin stating that fire had broken out in the main slope, between the fifth and sixth levels, and that many miners were cut off from escape. Later it was ascertained that most of the men in the men had gotten out by means of the rock tunnel to another avenue of escape.

For a time it was reported that four men only were nearly killed, but at the time of going to press all of the men have been accounted for except three, and these, it is believed, are dead. (more…)

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