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Originally published in the Maplevalley Messenger, October 27, 1921

Burglars, believed to be operating with an automobile or light truck, broke into Gibbon’s store late Friday night or early Saturday morning and stole about $500 worth of merchandise of all description.

Tobacco, in the amount of $300, was the major portion of their loot. Other articles stolen include two sacks of sugar, all the hams and bacon, six pairs of shoes, socks, shirts, inner tubes, etc. Entrance was effected through a warehouse window. Deputy sheriffs are investigating. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, October 26, 1922

By Joe Osier

Fight fans employed in the operating mines of the Pacific Coast Coal Company and the “bugs” in the Seattle office of the concern on last Saturday night, October 21, were guests at a punching party staged at Black Diamond by the Black Diamond Athletic Club.

And, because there were plenty of punches to go around with enough left over for a 45-round World’s Championship go, everyone present enjoyed the fracas to the fullest with the possible exceptions of the a-the-letes who “win” the short end the pokes. (more…)

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