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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, December 13, 1910

Explosion of fire damp results when fire eats through from old workings in N.W. Imp. Co.’s property

Five men injured and two entombed

An explosion in the Northwestern Improvement Company’s mine at Ravensdale at 11 o’clock this morning fatally injured three miners, seriously injured two others, and imprisoned two more.

A 2 o’clock this afternoon the mine was on fire and the fate of the two imprisoned men is in doubt. Rescuers are at work, but unless the prisoners are liberated within the next two hours they will be consumed by the flames. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, December 13, 1923

Constant reference to the Newcastle “Spirit” has made that camp famous among the mines of the Pacific Coast Coal Company.

But while other camps may lay claim to equal or superior reasons for fame, Newcastle boasts one asset which no other camp has as yet put forth.

It is the five generation family shown [to the right].

Reading from left to right, seated: Mrs. M.A. Hayes, great-great-grandmother, and next to her, Mrs. S.F. Curnutt, great-grandmother.

Standing at the left is Mrs. Ula Hyatt, grandmother, and at her side, Mrs. H.W. Rounds, mother, with her daughter, Ellen. (more…)

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