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Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, January 3, 1979

By George and Dianne Wilson

The year 1978 saw the City of Black Diamond with a new mayor, a new librarian and assistant, and the establishment of an independent Community Services Center with a new coordinator.

The city, facing severe financial problems, raised levy rates on the telephone and power companies as well as assessing a B and O tax on all firms doing business here.

February brought a new postmaster, and A.R. Botts celebrated his 90th birthday in March. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, January 3, 1924

No gasoline-propelled vehicle could ever supplant this team of three in the estimation of W.M. Rounds, Newcastle teamster. “Bill,” as he is familiarly known, has been in Newcastle for twenty years. With his trusty horses he never fails to keep the residents of the camp well supplied with fuel, and occasionally responds to a call for a tow when some errant automobile refuses to budge. (more…)

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