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Originally published in The Seattle Times, January 14, 1968

So here’s to the gallant reporters,
The boys with the pencils and pads,
The calm, undisturbable, cool, imperturbable,
Nervy, inquisitive lads.

Chester (Chet) Gibbon

Chester (Chet) Gibbon

Chester (Chet) Gibbon never wanted to be anything but a newspaper reporter from the time a Maple Valley fourth-grade teacher assigned a class theme.

Young Chester, writing in longhand, lined out column rules, wrote vivid stories, and tacked on headlines. His first front page.

Gibbon now is 68, still slender and erect, and something of an oddity in our shirt-sleeves business because he always wears his suit coat. He pulled a yellowed piece of copy paper from his desk in The Seattle Times the other day. It contained the Franklin P. Adam poem (1920 vintage) from which the above lines were cribbed.

“That sort of says it,” Gibbon said. (more…)

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