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Originally published in the Seattle Star, February 9, 1914

An appeal was filed this morning by Attorney Thomas Meade against the decision of the county commissioners prohibiting the town of Harrisburg to be incorporated instead of Ravensdale.

The fight involves a “dry” and “wet” issue.

Ravensdale was incorporated last year by the “wets,” and former Deputy Sheriff Starwich opened up a saloon. It was later discovered that a clerical error located the incorporated town six miles from where it is actually situated.

In spite of this, Meade charges, the saloon was allowed to operate, because the Northern Pacific, which owns most of Ravensdale, wanted it to run.

The “drys” got up a petition of their own, included a part of Ravensdale only, and sought incorporation. The Northern Pacific fought it, and Commissioners Hamilton and Knudsen threw the petition out.

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