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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, April 1, 1929

By F.C. Bergmann

With the coming of spring and its balmy, warm days, comes also the urge to take a fling at our old, national game—baseball.

Black Diamond has made tentative plans for the coming season. Wm. Cushing, who has been appointed manager, is losing no time in checking up on all available team material.

Several of Diamond’s last year players have left the camp, but we may have some ball players among the new men who have come into the community during the past few months. The first tryout will be held within a few weeks.

The ball ground is in fairly good condition and with a little grading and rolling will be in excellent condition.

* * *

Wm. Cushing is laid up with a crushed foot which he received while tearing down a barn. One side of the structure collapsed and pinned him under it.

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