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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, April 16, 1912

Fire damp in Burnett workings explodes—Slavish worker buried under coal

TACOMA, Tuesday, April 16.—One miner was killed and seven were painfully but not seriously burned as the result of an explosion of fire damp in the mines of the Pacific Coast Coal Company at Burnett, a small coal mining town twenty-five miles southeast of Tacoma, at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon.

The explosion was caused either by the breaking of a miner’s safety lamp or by the careless usage of one of the lamps.

Joe Majcat, a Slavonian, age 30, was buried by coal when the explosion occurred and smothered him to death. He was working on the third level of the mine with seven other Slavonian miners when the flare took place, and was hurled backwards into a coal chute.

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