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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, April 24, 1924

Recently officials of the Pacific Coast Coal Company and representatives of Yakima Valley fruit growers conducted tests to determine the effectiveness of preventing damage to blossoming trees by the installation of Diamond Briquet burners in the orchards. The result was most satisfactory.

At the right in the above cut is shown an orchard scene with a briquet burner in the foreground. To the lower left is a truck load of Diamond Briquets being delivered in the orchard. The man in the driver’s seat is T.M. Reeder of the Sales Department. In the oval, from left to right, is N.D. Moore, vice-president Pacific Coast Coal Co.; Arthur Karr, Yakima Valley orchardist and inventor of the briquet burner; A.F. Marion, chief engineer Pacific Coast Coal Co.; T.M. Reeder of the Sales Department, and Bruce Dower of the John Dower Lumber Co., Yakima dealer for the Pacific Coast Coal Co. (more…)

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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, April 24, 1906

Buckley second baseman accused of spiking three baserunners

BLACK DIAMOND, April 24—The ball game between Buckley and Black Diamond had a very unsatisfactory ending. In the last half of the eighth inning, with the score standing 8 to 7, in favor of the Black Diamonds, the Buckley second baseman was accused of purposely spiking three of the Black Diamond players. (more…)

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