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Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, May 24, 1978

By Deanne Tollefson

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church

To learn more about the history of the church go to http://www.svlccommunity.org/about-us.html#history

It was a joyous occasion for members of the five-year-old Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church when the congregation held the first church service in their new building. For the past five-and-a-half years, worship services and Sunday school have been held in Cedar River Elementary School.

The new building, located at 21614 238th Pl. S.E. (one fourth mile west of Tahoma Junior High off 216th), has been under construction for three years, the work being done largely by volunteer labor. The church is to be the worship and education center, and houses offices, a library/fireside room, and a kitchen. (more…)

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Originally published in the Enumclaw Courier, May 24, 1929

Lake 12

Quick action on the part of Miss Frances Wright of Seattle undoubtedly saved the life of Julius Madsen of Oakland, Calif., at Lake Twelve Sunday.

The young man had been swimming in the lake and was suddenly overcome by an attack of cramps, this causing him to sink twice before it was realized by those nearby that he was in distress. As he was going under the water for the third time, Miss Wright reached him and with the assistance of Celes Klinge of Enumclaw, the victim was placed on a floating log.

The Klinge family was entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Martin Madsen and their son, Julius, daughter, Lauretta, Gene Collicchia of Oakland, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. William Crowser, daughter, Edith, and son, Buddy, Mrs. Betty Wright, daughter, Frances and son, Jack of Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Petersen and son Einar, of Tacoma, Mrs. Frances Blanchatt and sons, Richard and Robert of Enumclaw at the lake.

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Originally published in the Maplevalley Messenger, May 24, 1923

“If automobile drivers will obey the new traffic law and slow down to a speed of 12 miles an hour fifty feet from railroad crossings we can entirely eliminate accidents at grade crossings,” one of the highest and most successful railroad operating officials in the state told officials of the department of public works.

The department of public works, believing that it is possible to eliminate the annual toll of lives and serious injuries, is carrying on a campaign of education which is expected to awaken travelers to the danger. The new law was asked by legislative representatives of train crews. (more…)

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