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Originally published in The Seattle Sunday Times, May 27, 1906

Neither the Northern Pacific nor the Pacific Coast Co. can own them in this state after the year 1908

Two come within jurisdiction of Interstate Commerce Commission, and are subject to new rate bill; only way they can avoid a violation of law is by disposing of their properties to constituent companies

By W.W. Jermane

Members of the House and Senate, who have studied the working of the Elkins amendment to the rate bill, forbidding railroads from owning coal mines, say under its provisions neither the Pacific Coast Company nor the Northern Pacific Company can continue to own coal mines in the State of Washington after 1908.

The question as to whether the Pacific Coast Company and the Northern Pacific could continue to operate their coal properties was suggested by The Times a week ago. At that time Vice President J.C. Ford of the Pacific Coast Company thought his line was exempt. Mr. Ford is now in his way East to consult President H.W. Cannon, and the coal question may form a topic of conversation. (more…)

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