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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, June 6, 1913

Ten thousand dollars’ worth of damage resulted from fire in mining town

These buildings were located where the Green River Eagles #1490 is today.

BLACK DIAMOND, Wash., Saturday, June 6—Fire early this morning completely destroyed the Black Diamond Hotel and annex and the Gibbon Hotel, all owned by Frank W. Bishop, the Black Diamond meat market owned by Pete Fredericksen, and the Bowen residence owned by J.H. Bowen. Damage resulted to the post office building owned by Charles McKinnon and the ice cream parlor owned by John E. Davies. The loss is approximately $10,000.

The fire started about 1 o’clock and in less than ten minutes after the fire whistle commenced to blow every man and woman in the little village turned out to fight the flames. After three hours of fierce fighting all danger was past.

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, June 6, 1924

Pacific Coast coal was used to bunker the vessels of three foreign flags within the past week. First to call was the Nazareno, an Italian freighter under charter to the Bunge Western Grain Corporation. She is shown above to the left just as the big craft was being brought alongside the bunkers for loading. Her destination after leaving Seattle was Europe, though at this writing she is ashore in the Columbia River.

The center picture shows the Wilhelm Hemsoth, a German ship, taking Black Diamond and South Prairie bunker coal. She sails this week for Australia.

At the right the graceful lines of the British freighter, Dramatist, show up to good advantage as she pulls out for Glasgow. (more…)

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