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Originally published in The Seattle Times, July 29, 1987

Horseshoe pitching is more than just a picnic folly for the Heines

Elwood and Ken are teammates on the Green River Tavern team.

Elwood and Ken are teammates on the Green River Tavern team.

Meet Elwood and Kenneth Heine, the “shoes brothers.”

The Heines pitch horseshoes with passion and precision. They’ve flung the weighty good-luck pieces with South King County’s best for more than a decade. In the horseshoe pits, the Heines make their own luck.

For Elwood and Ken, horseshoe pitching is more than a picnic folly. It’s an art, a rhythmic exercise with a rustic beat—the thud of the shoe in the sand, its clink against the metal stake. Nearly every other horseshoe they loft snuggles perfectly around its target.

Close does count in horseshoes—a point is awarded if the shoe is within six inches of the stake—but for the Heines, only a “ringer” will do. (more…)

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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, July 29, 1913

Joe Klansnik, of Black Diamond, and four-year-old child, receive serious injuries when car turns over

BLACK DIAMOND, Wash., Tuesday, July 29. – Three persons are in the hospital of the Pacific Coast Coal Company at Black Diamond and two may die as the result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident Sunday afternoon on the road between here and Auburn. (more…)

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