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By Betty Franz Uhrig

Correspondence dated April 11, 2008, Orinda, California

Dr. H.L. Botts

Dr. H.L. Botts

Dear BDHS,

Enjoyed the quarterly as always. I do have a Doctor Botts story. It amused me when you said, “let us know if Dr. Botts treated you for any illnesses or accidents.” I was an accident, being the last of seven children to be born to my parents, Albert and Selma Franz, who were 56 and 41 at the time.

Our family lived on 40 acres on the Green River not far from the Gorge. I was born on a Sunday night, December 6, 1936, and I’ve heard that it was a cold, snowy winter.

When my birth was imminent my father, driving a Model-T Ford, and my 18-year-old brother Art, holding a lantern, set out for Dr. Botts’ office. The doctor was attending a movie and had to be called out of the theater for the cold ride to our lantern-lit house. (more…)

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