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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, December 30, 1925

Old Black Diamond Mine No. 11, deepest colliery in the United States, is scene of fatal ‘bump’

Two men lost their lives and three others were imprisoned for eight hours before being released by a rescue crew following a cave-in that occurred in the old Black Diamond Mine No. 11 at Black Diamond yesterday afternoon.

The dead are W.R. Brunner, 36, years old, and Emilo Piquet, 35, both of Black Diamond.

Eight men were working in the vicinity of the cave-in. In addition to the two who lost their lives, three were imprisoned by the slide and three escaped without assistance. The six who were rescued or escaped were H.R. Algee, Walter Faulkner, Ben Davis, Walter Remus, E.M. Anthony, and George Belt. (more…)

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