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Still driving them out

Originally published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 11, 1886

A gentleman who came down from Franklin yesterday morning and induced the Franklin miners to join them for the purpose of driving the Chinamen out of Carbonado.

The crowd left Franklin during the forenoon about 90 strong, on foot, bound for Carbonado. They made no secret of their mission and talked as though they were prepared to carry it out.

The Carbonado mine is owned by the Pacific Improvement Company, a California corporation, and is the only mine in the territory where Chinamen are new or have for some months past been employed.

The company has been very firm in the matter, declaring that if the Chinese were not permitted to work the mine would be shut down. It is understood the officers of the company are determined and prepared to repel force by force, in which case it is not unlikely blood will be shed, as the miners who walked over there yesterday will certainly not return without making a very strong effort to accomplish their purpose.

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