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With smiles and shouts and laughter in which tears were very close to the surface, Seattle greeted 23 native sons and 178 Washington state dough-boys, comprising the Hoboken Casuals Company #144, at King Street Station that included Private Thomas Campbell of Hobart, Company K. 40th Engineers.

The Great Northern train which was taking the trainload of men to Camp Lewis, where they will be demobilized, only stopped in Seattle for ten minutes!

Seattle gave these men the most individual greeting that has been extended to any of the returning heroes. The men were immediately surrounded with a family group who loaded them with packages which looked like candy to while away the time between Seattle and Camp Lewis, and who ecstatically hugged anyone they could touch.

Many a soldier suffered a good-natured buffeting of a mother, wife, and sister all trying to say “hello” at once. Groups of friends besieged the men and gave them a Valentine greeting they will not soon forget.

More than four coaches of dough-boys were greeted by the Red Cross canteen workers with baskets of apples and cigarettes. One carload of men tumbled off to pose with the commanding officer of the company to a motion picture cameraman.

Welcome home Private Campbell!

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