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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, July 7, 1937

The pig squealed and the chickens laid eggs.

And so Charles O’Shea, 29 years old, a glazier, was in the city jail today, accused of the theft off fifteen chickens and a pig from a farm near Lake Lucerne early yesterday.

Police here were notified of the theft by Kent police, who said the thief made off with the assorted livestock in an automobile. Detective Lieuts. A.T. Greathouse and M.J. Lowery, noticed a machine in Minor Avenue at Pike Street yesterday afternoon, with feathers strewn about the upholstery and eggs scattered on the back seat. They arrested O’Shea, who was the wheel. But the livestock was gone.

“The pig squealed so much he made me nervous, and the chickens laid eggs on the seats, and I released the whole outfit,” O’Shea told the officers.

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