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Originally published in the Eagleview Post, September 15, 1986

By Jenefer Muirhead

Namesake visitors. The Ranton family from Black Diamond, Washington, stopped into Black Diamond, Alberta recently and received a warm welcome from municipal administrator, Dianne Kreh. The family, returning to the States from holiday, noticed the sign for Black Diamond near Calgary and decided to investigate. Left to right are: Angel, Lee, Janice, Niki, and Brent Ranton, along with Dianne Kreh.

Brent and Janice Ranton and their children, Angel, Lee, and Niki, “arrived home” more than a few days earlier than expected when they pulled into Black Diamond on their way home to Black Diamond, Washington, last week.

The family, holidaying in the province, noticed the sign for Black Diamond near Calgary and decided to find out whether it was the same town that they had been corresponding with their home city in Washington, which is also called Black Diamond. It was.

The Rantons found Black Diamond, Alberta larger in size than Black Diamond, Washington, but some 500 to 600 people less in population. There are also more trees in the Washington city, as it is closer in to the foothills than is its Albertan counterpart. (more…)

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