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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, December 16, 1911

D.C. Botting named chairman and Capt. F.A. Hill, of Seattle, Secretary

The first meeting of the special commission, named by Lieut.-Gov. M.E. Hay by authority of the act of 1911 to revise coal mining laws, was held yesterday afternoon in the offices of State Coal Mine Inspector D.C. Botting. Beside Mr. Botting, Capt. F.A. Hill of Seattle, George Lamperly of Roslyn, and F.B. Warriner of Taylor, attended the meeting, E.J. McLean, of Wilkeson, being the only absentee.

D.C. Botting was elected chairman and Capt. Hill secretary of the commission.

At Captain Hill’s suggestion each member will consult coal operators and workers in his district and transmit to the commission all recommendations for legislation. These will be passed upon later by the entire board.

The use of safety lamps, the issuance of miners’ certificates, and records of employees were discussed at yesterday’s meeting and legislation on those subjects will be asked. The commission meets again at 2:30 p.m., January 9, at Captain Hill’s office, 411 Mutual Life Building.

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