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Originally published in the South County Journal, February 1, 1999

Officials say no, but residents appeal for signal on busy SR-169

By Mike Archbold
Journal Reporter

Students from Black Diamond Elementary School cross busy Highway 169 at Baker Street after school Friday. Highway planners propose a yellow flashing light for use only when school children are coming and going. But residents insist traffic has grown to the point that a stoplight is needed for pedestrian safety. (Marcus R. Donner/Journal)

BLACK DIAMOND — Lorianne Taff rarely allows her 10-year-old son to cross State Route 169 by himself to get candy at the Cenex station.

Only recently did she give her 13-year-old son, a junior high student, permission to negotiate the usually busy two-lane highway that bisects this small rural town.

As a mother, a Black Diamond resident, and an Enumclaw School Board member, Taff worries about the highway and its growing traffic. (more…)

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Originally published in the Valley Daily News, February 1, 1988

By Chuck Tiernan

The first steps to clear up Lake Sawyer were made public last week as consultants for the City of Black Diamond outlined the alternatives for replacement of the city’s failed wastewater treatment facility.

The early stages of two suggestions on how to deal with problems caused—or at least not corrected—by the failed sewage treatment plant were presented to the approximately 20 citizens who attended the first of three scheduled public meetings. (more…)

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