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Originally published in the Enumclaw Courier-Herald, February 18, 1998

Pending rate increase would provide funds for much-needed improvements, say city officials

By Paul Schmidt
The Courier-Herald

Dan DalSanto scans the surrounding landscape after returning from a trip across the Green River over a suspension bridge that carries Black Diamond’s water supply. (Photo by Paul Schmidt)

For years Black Diamond officials have postponed most major improvements to the city’s water system, firm in their hope they would eventually tap into a new, high-capacity, Tacoma-owned water line.

Money spent for a larger reservoir and related components would be redundant, especially with the long-planned Pipeline 5 in the future, its route designed to cut through the middle of town.

So went the thinking, says Public Works Director Dan DalSanto.

Pipeline 5’s future is now in some doubt with the endangered species listing of Puget Sound Chinook salmon. But having waited all these years for the pipeline to arrive, Black Diamond finds itself with a water system fast needing improvements and expanded capacity. (more…)

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Originally published in the Enumclaw Courier-Herald, February 18, 1988

It’s a dark, rainy night. The fire call goes out to the volunteer force of the Black Diamond Fire Department to respond to a call on Pacific Street. Halfway down the street the young volunteers realize they’re on Pacific Place.

Humorous, not quite. But fairly accurate.

It was brought to the city council’s attention last Thursday that the roads of Black Diamond are confusing to the out-of-town driver and sometimes the fire department. (more…)

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