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Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, February 20, 2007

The former railroad depot, built in 1886, in Black Diamond now houses the Historical Society Museum. Down Railroad Avenue the current book store is visible. It has also been King’s Tavern. — Photo by Barbara Nilson.

Featured speaker at the Maple Valley Reunion, Sunday, Feb. 25th, will be Mayor Howard Botts of Black Diamond. The 1 p.m. program at the Grange Hall on Highway 169 at 216th is sponsored by the Maple Valley Historical Society.

Mayor Botts, who was born and raised in Black Diamond, will relate the histories of the two towns and how they have been connected over the years by the highway, the railroad, once upon a time, as well as other similarities. He’ll also discuss, “what is coming down the road; hopefully, new homes and new businesses.”

He said, “It is always interesting to talk about my home town.” Botts has served as mayor for 24 years and before that served several terms on the City Council in the 1960s and then during the 1970s, he was a member of the Planning Community. (more…)

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Originally published in the South County Journal, February 20, 1998

By Mike Archbold
Journal Reporter

Ted Strand, co-owner of Lake Sawyer Grocery, talks with Black Diamond police officer Kevin Esping about traffic along 216th Avenue Southeast. (Marcus R. Donner/Journal)

BLACK DIAMOND — There is a new presence around Lake Sawyer that has most residents cheering while at the same time watching their speedometers.

With the Jan. 1 annexation of the Lake Sawyer community to Black Diamond, the city’s police are now patrolling the area.

In January, police wrote 42 traffic tickets in the Lake Sawyer area, about the same number as they wrote in the rest of the city during the same time period.

“They have made their presence very well known,” said Ted Strand, one of the owners of the Lake Sawyer Grocery, the only store in the area. “You see them all the time. They will show up when I’m closing. In the morning, I open about 4:30 or 5, and there is an officer in the driveway keeping an eye on things.” (more…)

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