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Originally published in the South County Journal, February 21, 1997

By Mike Archbold
Journal Reporter

BLACK DIAMOND — This small but growing town near the Green River has a grocery, a pizza parlor, and even a video rental outlet.

And now after a six-year absence, Black Diamond finally is getting its own bank.

Mt. Rainier National Bank of Enumclaw expects to build a $700,000 branch on Third Avenue by late spring or early summer, according to bank officials. The 3,500-square-foot bank will be located near the entrance to Palmer Coking Coal. (more…)

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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, February 21, 1920

Maple Valley had some real excitement yesterday and was all agog today.

E. Clark is justice of the peace down at Maple Valley and besides that is proprietor of the hotel, grocery store, and the pool room.

Armed with certain and specific search warrants, Deputy Sheriffs Julius Von Gerst, William Downey, and Raymond E. Murphy went to Maple Valley yesterday.

The folk of the community gazed in open-mouthed awe. Gee, what’s going to happen?

You could have knocked them over with a straw when the deputies entered the home of Justice of the Peace Clark.

And when the deputies emerged with a cache of moonshine, five gallons of corn whiskey, and a small quantity of wine and beer, you could have made the community folk believe the world was coming to an end.

Justice of the Peace Clark was brought to Seattle and arraigned before Justice of Peace Otis W. Brinker. He pleaded guilty to possessing liquor.

“But I had it for a long time. I never sold any,” he explained.

Justice Brinker imposed a fine of $100. Justice Clark paid the same and returned to Maple Valley.

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