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Originally published in the Valley Daily News, February 22, 1994

Program helps families build and buy homes

By Chris Swanson
Valley Daily News

Erin Stout and Jerry Benien work on bending rebar for the footings of Jerry’s house. (Valley Daily News photo by Marcus R. Donner.)

BLACK DIAMOND — The construction crew at The Ridge at Black Diamond is literally building for a better future—their own.

It’s called “sweat equity,” and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Nineteen family households broken into two groups are now working on 19 homes at this subdivision. Another group will begin construction on the final eight homes in June.

They will be spending 30 hours a week here for the next nine to 12 months—until their new homes and the homes of their neighbors are done and they all can move in.

“They have to want this very badly,” said Judy Kelly of Northwest Housing Development, based in Sumner. “It’s quite a commitment.”

For these families, it may or may not be a labor of love. But it is definitely a labor of necessity. Most have incomes below 80 percent of the median level in King County ($38,400 for a family of four). (more…)

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Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, February 22, 1989

The long battle over the cleanup of Lake Sawyer, the third-largest lake in King County, would be resolved under legislation (SB 5801) sponsored by Sen. Frank Warnke (D-Auburn).

The legislation would direct the Black Diamond sewage plant to connect a pipeline to the Seattle sewage facilities for the disposal of waste. Studies show that the current system is dumping a large amount of phosphorus into the lake while treating the waste at Black Diamond. (more…)

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