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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, March 28, 1911

Auditor’s office, on advice of prosecuting attorney, will reject claim of deputy sheriff

For the second time, the county commissioners yesterday approved the bill of Matt Starwich, a deputy sheriff in the Black Diamond district for his salary from January to September last year.

Deputy Auditor W.S. Lincoln, acting on an opinion from the prosecuting’s attorney’s office, says that he will again reject the bill, the figures in which are $855.75 this time.

The board of county commissioners that went out of office in January had reduced Starwich’s salary to $1 a month for the months in question. When the present commissioners took office they attempted to pay him for the time at $93.50 a month, his regular pay. But the auditor’s office held up the bill then as now.

Then the commissioners decided to get around the law by paying Starwich $125 a month until the pay he never got was “eaten up.” This was done for January. But Starwich said he had to keep his family and that he needed that money right away.

So Commissioners M.L. Hamilton and David McKenzie decided to allow the bill again. Rutherford voted no.

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