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Originally published in the Valley Daily News, April 21, 1995

By George Erb
Valley Daily News

Front-end loader, above, shovels dirt and rock into a truck to expose coal. (Valley Daily News photo by Marcus R. Donner.)

BLACK DIAMOND — In the earliest days, miners would tromp out of the tent city that was Black Diamond and go underground to pry coal from the earth with hand tools and explosives.

More than a century later, most work takes place in broad daylight at the John Henry Mine on the outskirts of town. The John Henry is an open pit, and even when the sun sets behind the debris piles, the work goes on under the glare of floodlights mounted on diesel generators.

Today’s miners are more likely to wrestle a steering wheel than swing a pick. For the most part, they are heavy equipment operators who drive oversized bulldozers, trucks, and front-end loaders. (more…)

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Originally published in the Enumclaw Courier-Herald, April 21, 1993

By J.C. Long
The Courier-Herald

The aroma of fresh-baked bread wafting from the Black Diamond Bakery has drawn many loaf lovers to the city and its surrounding areas.

Unfortunately, the bakery lies on the west side of town and can’t be seen from Highway 169. In the past, that’s been a problem for first-time visitors, but soon, even the olfactory impaired will have no problem finding the bakery or any other of the city’s landmark businesses. (more…)

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