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Originally published in the Eagleview Post, September 15, 1986

By Jenefer Muirhead

Namesake visitors. The Ranton family from Black Diamond, Washington, stopped into Black Diamond, Alberta recently and received a warm welcome from municipal administrator, Dianne Kreh. The family, returning to the States from holiday, noticed the sign for Black Diamond near Calgary and decided to investigate. Left to right are: Angel, Lee, Janice, Niki, and Brent Ranton, along with Dianne Kreh.

Brent and Janice Ranton and their children, Angel, Lee, and Niki, “arrived home” more than a few days earlier than expected when they pulled into Black Diamond on their way home to Black Diamond, Washington, last week.

The family, holidaying in the province, noticed the sign for Black Diamond near Calgary and decided to find out whether it was the same town that they had been corresponding with their home city in Washington, which is also called Black Diamond. It was.

The Rantons found Black Diamond, Alberta larger in size than Black Diamond, Washington, but some 500 to 600 people less in population. There are also more trees in the Washington city, as it is closer in to the foothills than is its Albertan counterpart. (more…)

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Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, September 1994

By Heather Larson

Left to right: Jennifer Simmons, Danny Simmons, and Ashley Petersen prepare to enter the parade route in their horse-drawn wagon representing Four Corners Safeway.

Black Diamond celebrated Labor Day weekend with a fever this year. After having last year’s event cancelled for lack of volunteers, no holds were barred. Something for everyone was offered during the 4 days from a fish dinner on Friday night to a bed race on Sunday and a parade down the Maple Valley Highway on Monday.

On Saturday amid torrential downpours the Black Diamond Police challenged the Black Diamond Fire Department to a softball game. Since the police, who chose to be called the DARE Devils, didn’t have the manpower to field a team, other police officers who live in Black Diamond were asked to help out. So King County, Bellevue, and Seattle Police Departments were also represented on the team.

According to Black Diamond officer Glenn Dickson, the highlight of the game was the 8-foot mud pit behind first base.

It was really wet and muddy, but a good time was had by all, said Dickson.

The DARE Devils beat the Hosers 13 to 9 at the first annual baseball game. (more…)

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Originally published in the Enumclaw Courier-Herald, August 31, 1994

Wally’s World by W.J. DuChateau

You may recall the time Evelyn pelted her husband, Joe, with eggs. It happened at one of the Black Diamond’s “egg contests,” in which couples try to softly catch eggs that are lofted back and forth between partners. But toward the end of this particular contest, things disintegrated into a general free-for-all; to paraphrase Ken Kesey’s popular observation, the game turned into a first-class egg-storm. Just ask Joe. (If you’re so inclined, it’s a wonderful way to garner revenge on your spouse.)

Or maybe you recall scrambling about in a pile of straw or shavings, anxiously searching for a few pennies, nickels, or dimes—the exact denomination depending upon the year and inflation rate at the time. But no matter how valuable the coins, you literally beamed with the joy and excitement of finding them.

It was called, perhaps inaccurately, a “penny hunt.” (more…)

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Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, June 28, 2005

By Kathleen E. Kear

Miners at the Ravensdale Northwestern Improvement Co., Mine, circa 1912. The man seated on the ground is Leander Thibaut who perished with thirty other men in the November 15, 1915 Ravensdale Mine accident. Photo courtesy of Black Diamond Historical Society

Preparations for the 2nd Annual Black Diamond Miners Days are well underway for the weekend of Friday, July 8 through Sunday, July 10.

Hosting the event once again is the Black Diamond Merchant Partnership. The event began during the summer of 2004 as a way to encourage community members and guests to come and get to know the various businesses within the City of Black Diamond. The event also grew out of an appreciation of the miners and their families who helped establish Black Diamond. (more…)

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Originally published in the Seattle Times, June 16, 1982

By Cathy Reiner
Times South bureau

King County Police Capt. James O’Brien would like to move his Precinct 3 (Southeast King County) police operations to the soon-to-be-vacated Fire District 43 fire station in Maple Valley.

Fire District 43 Chief Dwight Van Zanen would like to sell the fire station.

If the county and fire district commissioners agree, the move could solve some thorny problems for both police and fire operations. (more…)

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By Bill Kombol

King County Assessor tax parcel No. 112106-9035

The location of the Black Diamond branch of Mount Rainier Bank [Columbia Bank, 2019] has a short, but interesting history.

The property is located in the south half of Section 11, Township 21 North, Range 6 East, W.M. Like all odd-numbered sections in this area, the property in Section 11 was originally part of a land grant by the United States to the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1873 for construction of a transcontinental railroad. In adjacent even-numbered sections, the Black Diamond Coal Mining Company had begun mining coal after moving their operations north from the Mount Diablo coal fields near Nortonville, California, east of San Francisco. (more…)

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Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, October 10, 1979

By D’Ann Pedee

The event above is past history, but Tahoma High School’s new reader board is very much up-to-date, being installed only last week.

The event above is past history, but Tahoma High School’s new reader board is very much up-to-date, being installed only last week.

A dream became a reality last week as a blue and gold Tahoma reader board was erected.

For years, students and school personnel have wanted a means to advertise school sports and other events. With student monetary support, parental donations and labor, and the blessing of administrators, the sign stood in place advertising a recent home game.

The board is located on SE 240th at the south edge of Tahoma’s campus and can be read from both the Kent and Maple Valley entrances to the school.

“This sign has been years in planning,” said Pete Ryan, athletic director who is currently in charge of the sign’s upkeep. (more…)

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