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Originally published in The Seattle Republican, October 24, 1902

Dr. J.J. Smith

Dr. J.J. Smith

The Seattle Republican feels called upon once more to champion the election of Dr. J.J. Smith, of the Thirtieth senatorial district, to represent that district in the next legislature as state senator, and in doing so it feels that it is championing the cause of a man worthy of any good thing that might be said of him not only by it, but by any other paper or person in King County.

Dr. Smith has lived in this county for the past fifteen years and has proven himself to be an ideal citizen in whatever business or political avocation he may have been called upon to fill by his fellowmen since he has been a resident of this county. Nothing in these columns can be said in his behalf that will be news to the voters of this district, because they all know him and they know him to be none other than the ideal citizen that he has been credited with being ever since he has been among them. (more…)

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