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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, April 17, 1924

Bidding against the competition of eastern firms, the Pacific Coast Engineering Company, a subsidiary of The Pacific Coast Company, recently won the contract for the building of the Test Weight Car shown in the above engraving.

The car weighs 80,000 pounds and is used jointly by the states of Washington and Oregon for the testing of railroad scales. The body of the car is composed of two castings running lengthwise, each of which weighs 17 ½ tons. The name plate just over the wheel in the center of the picture reads, “Built by Pacific Coast Eng’r. Co., Seattle, Wash.” (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, April 10, 1924

Not all gangs which go underground at Black Diamond are bent upon breaking all known hoist records. Evidence of this is seen in the group above which one Sunday recently explored the depths of the mine, guided by Mine Foreman Theo. Rouse.

The party was arranged by Frank Bergman, mine storekeeper, who was also the photographer, which explains his absence from the group. Those in the picture are: J.E. Clarkin, Joe Malo, Mrs. J.E. Clarkin, Miss Margaret Malo, Al A. Bergman, Theo. Rouse, Miss Gilbert Malo, N S. Bergman, and Miss Theresa Malo. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, November 8, 1923

October was a banner month in the production department, and demonstrated that the mines and the new forces are prepared to do their part at any time the coal market returns to normal.

All previous production per man per day records were exceeded at Black Diamond, Burnett, and Newcastle, and at Burnett the total hoist for the month passed anything in the history of the mine.

These gratifying results were achieved because every man from the highest supervisor to the lowest laborer was on his toes and because everyone took an intense and a sincere interest in doing his particular part in showing what “we” can do. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, April 5, 1923

burnett-firebossesAnyone having an idea that the firebosses and other supervisory officials at Burnett Mine are a bunch of lounge lizards and pink tea hounds with nothing to do but check in on the job and stick around until the whistle blows each day, should be on hand when the day shift comes off.

With the help of Supt. Bob Simpson, the Bulletin photographer last week rounded up the firebosses and foremen as they came off the day shift from underground, and the photograph shown above is proof positive that they’re a bunch of hard hitters. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, April 24, 1924

Pacific Coast Coal Co. Logo 1922Employees of The Pacific Coast Company, with relatives and friends, are coming in such large numbers to the semi-annual ball at the Knights of Columbus Hall, Harvard Avenue and Union Street, next Saturday night, that the committee in charge of the affair is preparing to rope off the street, if necessary, to provide space for the dancers.

According to all reports, not only will the camps be well represented, but the agencies at Tacoma and Everett, all of the subsidiary companies, and many others as well, are going to take advantage of the occasion to get better acquainted with the men and women who make up the organization of The Pacific Coast Company. (more…)

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