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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, March 4, 1926

Editors and publishers of approximately 100 newspapers in the State of Washington were the guests of the Pacific Coast Coal Company at Newcastle and the Briquet Plant, last Saturday. This excursion was the closing feature of the Fourteenth Annual Newspaper Institute of the Washington Press Association.

The picture shows the group ready to board the special train after having made a trip into the Primrose Seam, a mile and a quarter into the heart of the mountain, from whence comes the famous Newcastle coal. (more…)

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Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, January 23, 2007

By Barbara Nilson

The town of Fairfax, declared the “prettiest mining town around,” showing the turn-table at the extreme right above center. Mine buildings are in front and the school is on the left. Carbon River runs through the trees at the top or the photo. (Original copy from Mr. and Mrs. Tony Basselli.) Photo courtesy of Steve Meitzler, Heritage Quest Press, Orting, WA., publisher of the book, Carbon River Coal Country.

Riding the Northern Pacific Railroad to the upper end of the Carbon River Canyon or tooling along to Mount Rainier in a Model T, tourists would pass close to three mining towns: Melmont, Fairfax, and Montezuma.

First, beyond Carbonado, was Melmont, situated between the Carbon River and the NPR line. A bridge spanning the Carbon River ran between the company hotel and the saloon with the depot and school on the hillside above. On the left end of the bridge was the road connecting to Fairfax. This bridge was nearly a little beyond the high bridge which spans the canyon today. (more…)

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Originally published in the Enumclaw Courier-Herald, September 4, 1930

By J.T. Percival, Jr., resident manager, Enumclaw-Buckley territory

Photo courtesy of University of Washington Libraries, CKK0361, Clark Kinsey photographer, circa 1927

Photo courtesy of University of Washington Libraries, CKK0361, Clark Kinsey photographer, circa 1927

Some three years ago we extended our lines from the coal mining community of Fairfax to the lumbering community of Montezuma, a little more than a mile distant, where we have been furnishing power to the Manley-Moore Lumber Company for the operation of its sawmill.

This mill is a very interesting plant putting out about 18,000 feet per day of eight hours, but its logging operations are even more interesting. It was, therefore, with real pleasure that the invitation of Mr. Moore to visit the camp was accepted. (more…)

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