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Originally published in the Enumclaw Courier-Herald, August 28, 1947

Shell Oil Company seismograph crew working in Enumclaw area

Shell Oil Company leasing land in area north and northwest of Enumclaw preparatory to drilling for oil; expect real test of oil possibilities in area if Shell Company drills

Late Wednesday the Shell Oil Company, Inc., issued a press release in which they announced the company had acquired considerable acreage in the Black Diamond area from the Pacific Coast Company, Northern Pacific, and other large land holders. They also stated that drilling would start in a few days with the Crissman Drilling Company engaged to do the drilling. This is the first try for oil that the Shell Oil Company has made in the Pacific Northwest. (more…)

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Originally published in the Enumclaw Courier, June 21, 1929

oilwellDrilling for oil is being carried on at a steady pace on the Matt Petchnick farm, about five miles northwest of Enumclaw. A visit to the site where the drilling is being done proved both interesting and educational to a group of local business men Saturday.

The drill is being kept active twenty-four hours each day and those in charge of activities are very enthused at the prospects of success. A depth of 1,768 feet has been attained at the time the field was visited by the Enumclaw party and each time that the baler was brought up with its loads of waste there was a ready response of flame at its top when touched by a lighted match, the burning continuing for some time after it had been lighted.

F.R. McConnon, a man with almost a lifetime of experience in oil drilling, has recently joined the forces of the Flaming Geyser Gas Co., the firm financing the drilling, and he is very well pleased with prospects, so he told a representative of the Herald. (more…)

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