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Originally published in the Valley Daily News, February 22, 1994

Program helps families build and buy homes

By Chris Swanson
Valley Daily News

Erin Stout and Jerry Benien work on bending rebar for the footings of Jerry’s house. (Valley Daily News photo by Marcus R. Donner.)

BLACK DIAMOND — The construction crew at The Ridge at Black Diamond is literally building for a better future—their own.

It’s called “sweat equity,” and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Nineteen family households broken into two groups are now working on 19 homes at this subdivision. Another group will begin construction on the final eight homes in June.

They will be spending 30 hours a week here for the next nine to 12 months—until their new homes and the homes of their neighbors are done and they all can move in.

“They have to want this very badly,” said Judy Kelly of Northwest Housing Development, based in Sumner. “It’s quite a commitment.”

For these families, it may or may not be a labor of love. But it is definitely a labor of necessity. Most have incomes below 80 percent of the median level in King County ($38,400 for a family of four). (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, October 29, 1925

Gathered at the face of the rock tunnel in the New Black Diamond Mine, the men responsible for the excellent work of engineering and drilling which recently was completed there, are shown in the accompanying flashlight picture. The scene shows the men at the conclusion of drilling 28 holes in the barrier of 9½ feet of solid sandstone, which the blast broke down and connected the tunnel with the gangway which had been driven from the opposite side.

From left to right, they are; D.C. Botting, Bert Cook, Barney Doyle, F. Van Winkle, T.L. Jones (discoverer of the mine) , E.L. Fortney, foreman, L. Hayden, Jas. E. Ash, Chas. Gallagher, Ben Allen, foreman, R.W. Smith, Chas. Ryan, C. Busti. (more…)

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Originally published in The Seattle Sunday Times, July 20, 1902

He may be in the woods near Sawyer Lake or he may be miles away—No one knows

Harry Tracy mugshot

Harry Tracy mugshot

Tracy has apparently dropped as completely out of sight as though the earth had opened and swallowed him. Since his disappearance from the cabin on the shores of Lake Sawyer last Wednesday afternoon, or night, no trace of him has been had.

His long silence and failure to appear at some house for food and clothing lends weight to the opinion of Sheriff Cudihee that Tracy is still in hiding in the vicinity of the lake. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, July 5, 1923

Black Diamond was saddened the past week by the accidental deaths of two of the men employed in the mine, Frank Eltz, inside laborer, who met his death on Wednesday, June 27, and Joe Spinks, inside laborer, who followed Eltz over the Divide two days later, Friday, June 29.

Eltz was 37 years of age, born in Austria, March 20, 1886. He came to the United States in 1913, and has been with the Pacific Coast Coal Company since August 1921. He was working in the gangway of the 12th level, north, at 5:30 p.m., when a large piece of rock fell from the roof, killing him instantly. (more…)

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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, June 30, 1940

The stubborn fire near Hobart, twenty-five miles east of Seattle, which is believed to have been set by a firebug early last week, burned on unabated last night over an area of almost 1,800 acres of cutover land while weary crews battled to keep it within present confines.

Immediately threatened are the huge stands of virgin timber near and on Seattle’s Cedar River watershed. The flames licked their way into this first-growth timber in several spots late yesterday and only by hard work were the crews able to check their spread. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, November 28, 1921

By Geo. Watkin Evans, consulting coal mining engineer, Seattle

George Watkin Evans (1876-1951), 1924 Courtesy Seattle and Environs

George Watkin Evans, 1924

The purpose of this preliminary sketch is to give the readers of the Bulletin a general view of the coal fields of the state, this to be followed by more detailed articles covering each of the counties in which coal occurs in commercial quantities.

Near the northern boundary line of the state, on the northwest slope of Mt. Baker, there is a small area containing anthracite and anthracitic coal. So far no commercial mines have been developed within this field.

Westward and near the shore of Bellingham Bay, is an area containing a coal bed that is being developed by the Bellingham Mines Company. It is not known at present what the full extent of this area is, but it is probable that additional discoveries will be made in Whatcom County. (more…)

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Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, September 16, 1992

By Barbara Nilson

Valley Daily News graphic by Steve Nolan.

Valley Daily News graphic by Steve Nolan.

“In order to receive enabling legislation for Cedar County,” said David Fields, spokesman, “we had to name an incorporated city as the county seat so we selected Black Diamond.”

The Black Diamond City Council met Sept. 3 to discuss the proposal and voted unanimously that they would be glad to consider the proposition. “Of course,” said Mayor Howard Botts, “it all hinges on whether Cedar County becomes a reality.”

The official view, according to Mayor Botts, is that the city is neutral on the new county, neither opposing it nor promoting it.

“We’re certainly looking at it with interest,” he said. “It would mean a big change in Black Diamond.” (more…)

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