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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, May 6, 1927


Go to http://research.archives.gov/description/12447 (Internet Explorer only) to watch this 1927 film.

The Story of the Electric Detonator” [Internet Explorer only] is depicted in a new educational motion-picture film just completed by the United States Bureau of Mines, Department of Commerce, in cooperation with one of the large explosive manufacturing concerns. The film shows in graphic detail the methods of manufacture and use of this modern and highly practical device for the firing of explosives. (more…)

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Originally published in The Tacoma Times, May 6, 1910

starwich_1910RAVENSDALE, Wash., May 6—To be the sum total of the law and order in an exuberant coal mining town of some 1,200 population is some job. Ordinarily it would not be sought by a small man. Yet Matt Starwich, the “Fighty Deputy Sheriff,” is physically and vocally small—that is, when the peace and dignity of Ravensdale is not being too rudely interfered with. Otherwise, he assumes prodigious proportions.

Ravensdale is tucked up on the west slope of the Cascade Mountains, the reason for its existence being several coal mines. The coal is mined by brawny foreign-speaking men who come from antagonistic quarters of southeastern Europe. On Sundays and holidays, old racial antagonisms break out anew, and Pole and Greek, Romanian and Italian are likely to come involved in a polyglot row in a cheap saloon.

It is then that “Little Matt” becomes visible to the naked eye, if the eye is fast enough to follow his movements. (more…)

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